Mangazuki RAWS

Raws is back(is) and A small update

04 Nov. 2017 ·  Luna

Heya boys and Girls, Nry here bringing you a news update!

As you can see, raws are back! When we said that they'd be gone temporarily, we really meant temporarily!

Anyway, some of you have might noticed that a series has a chapter out, but when you open it, they appear blank.... Seems odd right?
Well, to you, yes, to me, not so much... This just means that you're opening the chapter before we've had the chance to properly synchronize everything with CloudFlare.
Just wait a bit and the pages will appear when you get back, maybe read something else, or grab a cup of tea while you're waiting.


Been waiting for a while but still nothing?...

okay okay, don't panic, just give me a poke and I'll see where things went wrong!

With all that said, Happy browsing~ -Nry

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