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Subscriptions Experiment and Missing raws (read me!)

08 Nov. 2017 ·  Luna

Good <Insert local time of day here> Everyone

Nry here, as you can see, quite a few things have changed, A lot of the old series have been uploaded, some of them are still missing, people have been emailing me constant non-stop... etc.

Let me start answering the most common questions,

"Where's series x, y, z?"

Either they'll be re-uploaded soon, or they'll be being held back till the new site. That said, they're not lost forever, we have a backup of them and will re-add them when we can

"Series x, y, z have missing pages, fix plz!"

Using the bug report feature (top right) doesn't really help, you're better of contacting us on discord...

"What's up with this new design its awefull!"

Well, if you've read our other news post, you'll know this is temporary.

"So what's the new experiment?"

Right, subscriptions! now, this isn't the kind you pay for, rather, this is the kind that helps you keep track of the series you love!

Starting today, you can make an account on the raws side of things, for testing purpouses, using this account you can bookmark series you love.

Having series bookedmarked, also means that you'll start recieving an email when a new chapter in the series is uploaded.

Though, this system hasn't been properly tested yet. So, if you encounter issues, or get to do things you're not supposed to, @ me on discord.

And well, that's it for today


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